Saturday, November 26, 2005

Acton Armoury - Battle Report 26/11/05

This was a 1500 point a side battle pitting German Grenadiers and Russian Infantry in a "Stalingrad" street fighting battle. As it was our first attempt at Street Fighting it was very much a learning experience for all concerned and resulted in much hasty referal to the Rules.

The Germans deployed with a Grenadier Pl supported by an HMG Pl in Building A which also contained objective GO2 an Anti Tnk Pl of 2 x Pak 38s was deployed to cover the road approach from E to A and an Infantry Gun Pl in Building B with its observers on the roof of Building C, this force was commanded by SteveJ.

A second Grenadier Pl supported by a Mor Pl was positioned in Building D which also contained objective GO2. the Platoon was deployed half on the bottom floor and half on the top floor with the Mor Pl. The mortars observers were also deployed on the roof of Building C. This force was commanded by Mark O who was ably assisted by his son Dillon who is now much sort after as a contract dice thrower!

The remaining Germans two Stug 33b and a Pl of 2 x Stug Ds was deployed to the rear of Buildings C & D and was commanded by Barrie who also commanded the Coy HQ on the roof of Building B.

The Russians deployed an Inf Coy in Building F (also objective RO1) with a Pl on the roof of Building E adjacent, this force was commanded by Steve P.

A Second Coy was deployed in Building G and was supported by a Zis Bty (J) both commanded by the Bn Commander Leigh who also commanded the 120mm Mor Pl (I).

Finally a third Coy commanded by Peter W was positioned in Building H which also contained objective RO2.

The game commenced with the Russian centre Coy storming out of Building G in its first turn heading for Building C and its two observer teams. The Coy suffered heavy casualties from accurate fire from the Mor and Gun Pls supported by the German Armour in the subsequent German turn. The Germans did not move and inflicted minor casualties in other areas of the battlefield.

The next Russian turn saw the continuation of the attack on Building C resulting in more Russian casualties from indirect fire in the German turn. The Russian Artillery and Mor Pl who now had a target (the German Mor and HMG Pls had fired) failed to range in.

At this point PeterW could contain himself no more and launched his Company in an attack on Building D and its objective. once again the Russian Mor and Guns failed to Range in. Again the German Mors and Inf Guns exacted a heavy toll on the Russina Infantry while it was exposed.

The next turn saw the Russian assault on Building C reach the second floor while Peters Coy moved into Asssault Range of Building D but was beaten back with further casualties inflicted by the Mors and Inf guns. Meanwhile Steve J launched his Pz Grenadiers in against Building E. The Russian Mors finally ranged in and forced the HQ vehicle of the Stug D Pl to bail, while the guns killed another HMG team.

Next turn saw some Russian success as Leigh's Coy eventually reached the fourth floor of Building C and destroyed the two German Observer teams and Peters Coy successfully assaulted and took the bottom floor of Building D. The Russian Guns inflicted more casualties and the Mortars again forced the Stug Pl HQ to bail. This was somehat off set by the loss of three of the four Russian 120mm Mor to a bombardment by the German Mor Pl which had line of site.

The final turn saw the Coy Comd and Kommisar of PeterW s Coy as its sole surviviors accept the surrender of the German Mor Pl on the Roof of Building D but with no way of advancing to seize objective GO1 in the face of the Stugs machine guns nor anyway of stopping the German Coy HQ driving up the road and seizing the undefended objective RO2. While on the other flank Steve J assaulted Building G and drove the defending Russians out capturing objective RO1

A German success but we all learned lots and its a very different battle from our previous FOW encounters. Once again using a decent size table requires some rethinking of the FOW set ups. They recommend 4'x3' for street fighting but we used 6' x 6'. Big difference!

Next battle is Saturday 17th starting at 1PM all welcome let me know if you can make it ( . If you like we can fire up the BBQ at 12 Noon for a 1PM start bring your own meat, grog etc. again let me know so I can be prepared. This time we'll use sewers and snipers and will all have read the rules!

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