Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Fort Floreat 31/01/2006

Battle of the Bulge Scenario
Attackers: Nick, Doug & Aggro Russian Armour & Inf with armour support 3000pts
Defenders: Starn Grenadiers 1500pts & Chris Fallschirmjager 1500pts.

Snow rules were in effect. A beautiful snow covered table with pine forests & a large airstrip with a Junkers 52 and Stuka as the rear objectives, a bridge and ice cream shop were the forward objectives and you guessed it the Ivans went straight for the ice creams!!!!

The defenders deployed the 2 companies next to each other Fallschirmjager on the German left and Grenadiers on the right.

The Russians launched their attack on the German left led by the T34’s & followed by the T70’s (whose command tank got bogged in snow first turn and didn’t unbog until turn 4. Then some Russian infantry followed by Matildas, KV’s and SU 122’s etc.

The Russians had limited air support in the form of Sturmoviks, which came 3 times in the first 6 turns only destroying a German vehicle 7 limbered rocket launcher, on turn 5 the Sturmoviks decided to attack their own troops much easier targets! But were vigorously waved off by the frantically waving Ivans no harm done there.

The T34’s tried to assault the Fallschirmjager’s position but after 2 turns there were 10 dead T34’s in exchange for 2 Pak 38’s and their command stand.

Turn 6: The Ivans again payed the price for focusing the attack as it was on a narrow front slowing the advance. The 7 operational T70’s were forced to attack to prevent a loss and picked off an isolated infantry stand.

The Ivan generals conceded defeat, as they would not be able to reach the rear objectives in time due to their column like deployment and slow progress destroying the Fallschirmjager. The Ivans were about to lose most of their T70’s to AT fire from the Fallschirmjager’s Pak 40’s & the remaining Pak 38.

Conclusion: Attacking on a narrow front prevented the Ivans bringing all their firepower to bear in the early turns. This also slowed the deployment of the Ivans, as Doug didn’t want to bring his troops on due to over crowding creating a target rich environment.

The Ivans attacked the stronger side of the Huns defence and couldn’t switch to a plan B due to the snow restrictions, which hampered movement.

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Turret-head said...

AArrrgh - next time I hope Commissar Agro 'convinces' the commander that there may be better ways to attack rather than trying to sneak through the back garden!!