Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Camp Cromwell 18/06/2003


A practice battle for the Princes in the East campaign. Jim v. Bernard. I am hosting an international bout between two of the protagonists next week. Bernard is the ally of one of the sides so will be their general. Cameron Harris is the other, I’m to be deputy God.

After some blind groping about in the Ironbow rules book my army seemed to fall apart, so I conceded – eager to get into my Spad with a novice target on offer.

The Ironbow rules have some interesting ideas, but most of those present weren’t too impressed.


2 Spads (Jim & Peter)
Fokker DVII (Chris Raine) + Seimen Schukbert (Steve)

A long fight characterised by a swirl of Huns going in tight circles with one Spad zapping in and out and the other ineffectually lurking about above looking for opportunities – but the Huns kept turning below him and the opportunities never came. Peter took a lot of damage, but well spread and the Spad took it with little effect. Chris did well for a novice – got in enough shots to use up all his ammo on the last turn and successfully evaded the vulture above, but almost all his hits were on his engine and he was unfortunate to go down in the last turn of the game in a final nose to nose gamble with Peter’s Spad.

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