Thursday, April 28, 2005

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 28/04/05

Anzac Day

Peter didn't show for the scheduled Mahrajah v. Glen, so Glen & I got the benefit of another practice match.

Jim's US Motorised Inf (2 Mot inf, Scouts, 4Shermans, 4Honeys, T19s)
Glen's HFB Motorised Inf (2 PGs, 88's, 75's, mg's, 3MkIV*).

Free for All scenario determined from Mission Table.

This battle was a remarkable illustration that a FOW game is never over until its over.
At the start, the Yanks launched an attack with Mech Inf + 4 Honeys + 4 Shermans against an objective defended by P/grens & 3 MkIV*s. 910 pts worth of Yanks v. 700 pts of Huns that were isolated from any support.

The Yank attack was anilalated for the loss of just 1 MkIV* and 2 P/gren teams. This left the Yanks with just HQ, 1 Mech inf, Scouts & 3/T13s...590 pts left v. 1250pts of Huns. It should have been game over, but the Yanks had nothing to lose and attacked anyway.

While the Scouts distracted the Panzers, the Mech inf on the left flank over-ran a P/gren plat, then the HQ behind. Their sole half track that survived the 88's finished off the German artillery (weakened by counterbattery fire). The T31's suddenly got good - they wiped out the 88's in 2 successive turns, then they poured smoke onto the mg's to cover the attack of the GIs. The mg's defensive fire got just 4 hits (there were 6 3's that would have hit but for the smoke) and the GIs killed the mgs. With no HQ the Germans failed their Coy Morale Test.


Steve & Barrie's Panzergrenadiers attacking Jim & Leigh's BRATs in 1500 pts Breakthrough.

The Brats had the advantage of some useful terrain - mainly a major river which they used well.
Steve launched a methodical attack with P/grens & MkIII's on Jim's wing while Barrie stayed off table in reserve ready to come on if Leigh's armour moved to help Jim's flank.
The P/grens cleared the Brat a/tank guns but were in turn destroyed by infantry, Honeys and artillery fire.

The MkIIIs crossed the river drawing the Crusaders over as the Honeys went back to keep Barrie at bay.

The Crusaders got the usual bails but no kills, but an infantry attack drove the tanks back and converted the bails to kills.

The Honeys bounced off Barrie's infantry and his 1/2 track 75's finished them off.
The last MkIII passed morale but could only bail some of the Crusaders & was blown away by a hail of 6pdrs.

When the 5 remaining Crusaders turned on Barrie it was game over.

Remember when we thought infantry had no chance against tanks ? In this game there were two tank v. inf fights and the inf won both of them. It seems that a bit of experience makes a big difference.

Pre twentieth century rules

I've finished a revamp of the old rules for non-FOW games (remember them?)
Would anyone like to do some play testing?

I'm batching this & next week, so I'm available almost anytime.

Next week:

Friday 29/04/05 (tomorrow): Juniors night - bring any of your offspring who are interested.
Thursday 05/05/05: Wargames as usual at Camp Cromwell.
Friday 06/05/05: Could be another junior's night - let me know if you want it.

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