Friday, April 24, 2009

Nick's on Friday 24/04/09

Jim & Rich's Bersaliglieri v. Nick & Thomas's Desert Rats

1665 pts early Mid War in the desert - Encounter Mission.

Both sides deployed artillery, infantry & antitank guns at the start & dug to wait for reinforcements. The only movement apart from an artillery duel was an observer & the Bersaliglieri on the right which started to advance behind some hills, but were pinned down by an HMG bombardment.

The first reinforcements were the 2 Crusader Plats which both arrived on the Brit left. They advanced behind the hills and knocked off the forward Itie observer. The Semoventes arrived next - on the Itie right. They moved up to engage the Crusaders which were hull down behind the ridge. The got one each then the ities got lucky. Both M14 Platoons arrived on the right flank. The Carri rushed the Crusaders & quickly destroyed them.

The Carri then advanced to enagage & overwhelmed the 2pdrs. This left the Brit left in a hopeless position - the infantry had no chance against the massed Itie tanks.
Pic taken from behind Itie lines early in the battle.

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