Monday, June 27, 2011

Gaming Garage

A quiet one at the Gaming Garage, with just two games.

Flames of War - Nick vs John.  1750 points late war.  Nick had a German Sperrverband.  John had some nasty combination of cossacks and T34-85.  A hold the line scenario.  The Russians attacked in a solid wave of nasty troops.  German shooting was ineffective, and before you knew it the Germans were down a Stug III and all four Hetzers.  A Pak40 ambush wiped out the T34/85's.  The Cossacks charged the Pak 40's, but John misdirected his charge, and the Germans were able to hold the cossacks off with defensive fire.  At this point John had to go.  The game was still on a knife edge.

Hail Caesar, Athens (Tony) vs Sparta (Nick).  Nick rolled an unholy number of 6's, but even that couldnt hold off the better strategy of Tony, who used his cavalry to roll around the Spartan flank and hit a Hoplite phalanx in the rear.  The game was fast and quick -- good fun!

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