Tuesday, February 11, 2014

More WWI Naval Action

Jim's German Battlecruisers v. Mike & Renfrey's British Battlecruisers

This was Mike & Renfrey's introduction to Dreadnoughts.  The Germans had 4 BC's, 2 CL squadrons & 2 DD flotillas.  Mike had the Indominable & New Zealand with a CL squadron & a DD flotilla.  Renfrey had 3 late model BC's with a CL squadron & a DD flotilla.
Mike's fleet is on the left, Renfrey's on the far right & the Germans in the foreground.
The Brits made a big error at the start when they allowed the Germans to get between the two British fleets and engage Mike's weaker BC's before Refrey's cats (Lion, Tiger & Princess Royal) could get up.  Moltke & Seylitz badly damaged New Zealand & Indominable.  They tried to escape in smoke as Defflinger & Lutzow closed in, but were caught in a pincer and soon sunk.
 The Germans reformed to take on Renfrey's cats. 
The Moltke & Seydlitz tried to cross Renfrey's T, but his ships were too fast and turned away to make a parallel line while the Defflinger & Lutzow were too far back to be much help.  The Germasn had mishandled their light ships & they were left out ont he right, too far away to stop the Brit DD's attacking the rear Germans ships.
The Moltke & Seydlitz got the range on the Lion & Tiger, but the cats returned the favour & damage was mounting on both sides.  When the Defflinger & Lutzow turned away to avoid torpedoes the Moktke & Seydlitz also turned away into smoke rather than slog it out against the odds.

The British made a claim for victory on the grounds the Germans turned away, but they didn't hang about waiting for the Germans to regroup & come back for them with Defflinger & Lutzow in front and it's hard to spin the loss of two battlecruisers to nil. 

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