Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Modder Fokkers

I had set up Blenheim with 15mm figs for the night, but too many other things came up & we didn't have enough players.  So we cleared off an end of the table & got out some Fokkers.  We'll do Blenheim next week.
Game 1: 
A Roland had to do a recon run across the table escorted by a Fokker DVII but attacked by 2 Camels. 
Mike's Camel had it's engine shot up by the rear gunner & the Fokker & had to glided to earth (making a safe landing).  Then Nick's Camel got on the Rolland's tail but the Fokker got on his.  The Camel shot the Roland down, but paid dearly for his heroism, going down himself immediately afterwards.  So both sides claimed victory - the Brits shot down the recon, the Fokker pilot got 2 kills.
Game 2: 
We then swapped sides & changed scenario.  The Germans had a Fokker Dr1 & an Albatros.   The Brits also had two fighters - a Bristol fighter at the start & a Spad to arrive if the Bristol was shot down.  The Bristol couldn't handle two enemies & was shot down, but not before it inflicted serious damage on the Fokker.
The Spad arrived & son finished off the Fokker.  The veteran Spad pilot then got onto the Albatros' tail & it just couldn't shake it off.  2 kills for the Spad, 1 for the Brits.

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