Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Bolt Action Tank War

Each side had two 1250 pt tank platoons.
Steve: 2 King Tigers & a halftrack with Pak 40.
Jim: 3 Hetzers, 1 MkIII, 1 Puma & 2 small panzer grenadiers.
Mark: 2 Sherman, 1 Cromwell, 1 Firefly, 2 small vet inf in bugs, 1 PIAT.
Mike: 3 Shermans, 2 M10's, 1 M8 A/C, 12 inf in M3 HT.
The Germans are on the left, the Allies on the right.  Steve's pussies sat back on the left with a good field of fire, the Hetzers moved up hull down behind the ridge in the centre & the infnatry & light armour advanced through the village & orchards on the German right.
Mike's US are on the Allied right, Mark's Brits on their left.
The armour traded fire mostly at long range & from hull down.  The Allies never got close enough to do hurt the KT's & concentrated fire on the Hetzers.  The Hetzers had a charmed live while the Allied armour was  slowly whittled away by the heavier German shells. 
The German attack through the village did no go well for them.  The Puma was poped as soon as it showed oit's nose.  The MkIII was was popped by the PIAT.  The Panzergrenaders cleaned up most of the Brit infantry, but were themselves destroyed by the mg fire of the bugs & M8.  
In the end the Germans lost 2 tanks, Puma & 2 infantry sections while the Allies lost 5 tanks, 1 inf, Piat, jeep & bug, so a decisive German win. 

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