Friday, October 12, 2018

Musket Action: French & Indian Wars

Jim's French & Chris' Brits using Musket Action, our house adaption of Bolt Action for the black powder era.  The scenario is modified BA Double Envelopment.
Initial set up with the French on teh near side.
The event drew one interested spectator.
The regulars of each side square off on the hill on the left while the militias & Indians face off on the right.  Both side have their cavalry in reserve.
The French have seized the church & overlapped the far end of the British line.
The French have gained an advantage on the left losing 1 unit but breaking 2.
The French cavalry have broken another Brit inf then fallen back rather than face the fresh British dragoons with loses. 
The French have a narrow lead in units kills at the end of turn 5.
After the 6th turn the French retained their lead of 4 to 2, but the game went to 7 turns & the Brits collapsed to lose 9 VPs to 3.


Gonsalvo said...

Looks good; what are the various markers tracking?

Jim Gandy said...

The grey & green dice are Bolt Action Command dice, the green counters are pin markers as in Bolt Action.