Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Napoleonic Naval

British: 2 squadrons of 4 ships commanded by Renfrey & Mike.
French 3 squadrons of 3 ships commanded by Chris, Mike & Steve.
Rules: Our own Men o' War rules.
The Brits are in the foreground with yellow hulled ships, Mark on the left, Renfrey on the right.
The French are downwind with Chris on the right (in the van), Mike in the centre, Steve on the left.
The Brits have the weather guage 
The French turn to port & start forming a battle line.  The Brits split their force.
The lines converge
Renfrey's flagship truns away, but he sends his squadron straight at the French line.
Most of Renfrey's squadron passes through the French line coming under heavy fire as Mark's squadron is left largely out of the action. 
Renfrey's squadron has two ships badly damaged & forced to break off (on the far side).  The French having passed thru the British line are tying to turn back into the action. Mark's squadron is milling about in the centre.  
Mark turned upwind towards the camera & passed Chris' squadron going the other way.  Both are now turning.   Mike's squadron has a damaged ship breaking off to the right.  Seve's squadron is seeing Renfrey's off the far table edge.

We were out of time & adjudicated at this stage.  Both sides have had 4 ships critically damaged & forced to break off.   But Renfrey's fleet is a mess with 3 ships critically damaged (including 1 dismasted) & the other verging on critical damage.  The French are in hot pursuit & Mark's relatively intact ships way behind them.  It is judged a French victory.  The critical factor being Mark's ships being left out of the action too long.  Renfrey was actually very lucky to get thru the French fleet without much worse damage than he got as the French blew some opportunities to really hurt him with showers of bad dice. 

We made one rule change on the way thru adopting the Bolt Action system to determining order of fire of the ships instead of simultaneous fire.  It made it much easier to keep track of things.  The movement is still simultaneous in accordance with pre-set orders.

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