Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Pike & Shot Action

We had a different cast of players to last week so we took the easy way of genrating a scenario & re-played last week's battle, again using our developing Musket Action rules.
Mark, Mike & Jim have the Scots on the left, advancing all along the front.
Chris & Renfrey have the New Model Army on the right, advancing only their centre, & that not far.
The Scots cavalry tried to take on the English medium cavalry, but were decimated in a shower of hot English dice. The first wave of highlanders also met hot English dice & bounced off.   There si some cautious sparing in the centre.   Some Scots muskteers advanced in skirmish order to neutralise the English artillery, but have been chased back by New Model cavalry.  On teh far flank Scotis shiltons & New Model cavalry are happy to keep at a safe distance.
The English cavalry on the near flank have declined to advance.  The Highlanders front line has been finished off by English musketry.  There is a musket exchange in the centre.   Half the New Model cavalry is now heading across the English rear.
The second wave of highlanders has extracted revenge by breaking the English foot, but being impetuous they have charged on & exposed their flank to the English cavalry.  In the centre the Scots pikemen have finally found some good dice & have broken some more of the New Model foot.
The English cavalry has ridden down the highlanders while the Scots' attack in the centre has run out of steam.  The Scots have failed their army break test.  So the same result as last time - quality beating quantity.

This battle was characterised by a lot of really wild handfuls of dice, mostly favouring the New Model, which made it hard to judge if the tweaks from last time were working.  But from the after -battle discussion I think we have already developed a good fast moving & entertaining game system, & have identified a couple of points with scope for further refinement.

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