Tuesday, October 13, 2020

30 Years War

The Empire: Chris & Mark.
Swedes: Mike & SteveJ.

The Swedes are on the left.
The Swedes are advancing while the Empire appears to be forming a defensive line.
Both sides are sending cavalry around the enemy's left flank.  
Swedish cavalry have charged the Imperialist battery.  The gunners have run away.  But the cavalry recoil from the pike block behind the guns.
The Imperialist cavalry have galloped into the Swede's rear around their left flank, but the Swedes have turned some cavalry to face them.
On the Swedish left their infantry have formed hedgehogs to hold off the Imperialist horse.
On the near flank Swedish horse have galloped off shot around the Empire's left.
On the near flank the Empire's infantry are trying to defeat the infantry to their front before the Swedish cavalry can attack their rear.
The Swedish foot on their right flank succeeded in pinning their opposite numbers long enough for the Swedish cavalry to charge their rear & the Empire's left flank has been destroyed.  In the centre an Imperial Tercio is leading a counterattack supported by cavalry.

The Empire's tercio in the centre lucked out in an even fight & with them went the Empire's only chance of turning the tide.  So a Swedish victory. 


fireymonkeyboy said...

Lovely looking stuff. It's a period I've always been curious about, but never really got into. Didn't know where to start I suppose.

Gonsalvo said...

Very nicely done, with plenty of maneuver!