Thursday, March 03, 2005

Camp Cromwell 03/03/2005

The Russians didn’t show (probably practicing for Mary) so we Italians gave Barrie a practice battle with US troops. Steve umpired.

FOW 1500 pts Free-For-All

Barrie: US Armoured infantry (hq, 2 inf, mortars, 75mm sp a/t, Shermans)


Jim: Compagnia Fucilieri (hq, 3 inf, a/t guns, mortars, mgs, art, Semoventes + limited air)

Both sides tried to dig in at first, but both had problems with artillery/mortar pins.

The first aggressive moves were for the Italians - an infantry andvance on their left, and for the US - the Shermans moving to their left flank.

The Italians new pride and joy – the Regio Aeronautico Stuka showed up in force on the second turn and promptly attacked their own troops (see pic). The Itie infantry suffered badly, though the Semoventes waved them off.

The US SPGs advanced and finished off the left flank infantry platoon with their aamg.

The Semoventes moved forward from the centre to counter the advancing SPGs and this prompted a U turn by the Shermans which raced back across the rear to join the SPGs in their attack on the Itie left.

Now the Italians made their move - the Semoventes suddenly took off at double speed across the centre of the table towards the RHS objective, shielded from the US SPGs & tanks by scrub & hill.

The SPGs took off after them while the Shermans continued their advance on the Italian LHS objective.

The Regio Aeronautia had another go at the Semoventes, but again were waved off and they rushed up to the objective. The US infantry defending it had been weakened and pinned down & prevented from digging in by artillery fire but had no choice but to counterattack with the support of HQ & the SPGs.

The Bazookas only took out one Semo and even though weakly armed (1 aamg) the Semo’s took out the weakened inf.

The SPGs were smoked out of the action & the US’s last chance was for the HQ’s 37 to take out the Semos in 3 shots. It only managed 2 bails and the Semos remained in command of the objective.

The Shermans reached the other objective, but it was too late - the Ities had got to their objective first.

Italian losses were 2 inf plats + HQ so VPs were 4:3. A close run thing.

The Italian air support is the result of an unexpected find of an Italian Stuka at the model shop in Sorell on Tuesday - I had to have it, hang the expense. There’s only one, but we’re not precious about having to have 3 models. Beautiful it is, but it’s effectiveness was another thing. In 9 turns the RAI turned up 3 times – that’s average. Once there were 3 planes, twice there were 2 – not bad. But twice they attacked the wrong side and when they did attack the Yanks their plentiful AA saw them off without effect. Mercifully the veteran Semo crews waived them off in the attacks on them, but the PBI weren’t so lucky. Total air kills for the game were 4 inf teams – worth about the 100pts perhaps, pity they were Italians. But be warned, the RAI is owed some good dice – they’ll have a big day sometime, maybe against you.


Barrie came with copies of Stars & Stripes & model orders.

Nick – your Stars & Stripes & Armoured Inf is here at Cromwell St so you can pick it up on the week end.

Next week:

Thursday. Leigh will probably be oompahing at Mary, but it’s about time some Yanks got serious.

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