Thursday, May 19, 2005

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 19/05/05

Mahrajah 2005

Jim's Compagnia Carri v. Peter's US Infantry.
Hold the Line Scenario...Ities chose to attack.

The Yanks put their Pioneers on the forward objective, infantry in support, artillery in rear & a/tank guns in ambush. The Ities massed their armour on their left flanked by the Bersaliglieri supported by the 90s in the centre & artillery in right rear.

Things started badly for Il Duce. Half the army threw 1's for 6 Million Bayonettes & became Reluctant Trained, the Honeys came on first turn, the Itie Recon were wiped out by the a/tank ambush & the 105s took out a 90.

There was a brief tank v. tank skirmish before both sides' tanks rushed past each other. The Italian armour disposed of the a/tank guns while the Honeys destroyed the Bersaligeri and the last 90. But the Iron Coffins were now threatening the objective and the Honeys had to rush back to help the infantry.

The pic shows the Italian armour charging over the ridge from the flank, Honeys on the far hill & an SPG in the foreground. The Pioneers had just been obliterated by tank mg fire when they moved to face the attack. The Honeys failed to hurt the M14s and next turn the hot shooting Ities wiped the remaining US armour.

The US artillery seemed more interested in playing chess than doing damage (see pic). Their sole contribution was one 90. The Itie artillery did little more, though their counterbattery fire did contibute to the US artillery's lack of action. The USAF were even worse - they didn't even show up - not once! Gods way of evening up the 6 Millon Bayonett rolls perhaps.

The US infantry made a brave attempt to drive the crowd of M14s off the objective, but it was forlorn hope. One bazooka kill was the best they could do. The Italians lost 3 platoons, the US 4...a 4:3 victory for Il Duce.

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Movie Review: Kingdom of Heaven

The plot's crap, but Great seige scenes. The trebs are just terriffic. Saladin's cavalry look good too. Worth seeing - heaps better than Alexander.

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