Thursday, May 26, 2005

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 26/05/05

FOW Free For All

Steve P + Jim each with 1500 pts Russian infantry
Steve J's 1500 pt Grenadiers + Peter's 1500 pts Panzer Grenadiers

Jim faced Peter & the 2 Steves faced each other on the other flank. In the pic the Russians are on the left, the Steve's are on the far flank.

The Russian PBI stormed forward getting slaughtered in droves as usual. Steve's T34s cleared the ridge on the German right flank, but were then destroyed by the German artillery & 88s on the far side. (Veteran Steve was giving New Steve FOW lessons but it seems his help only went so far). Thus Steve's attack petered out and he fell back with the survivors to avoid a company morale test.

On the other flank, Jim demonstrated how to deal with Panzers. His 4 SUs advanced on the 3 MkIV*s - 4 shots, 2 dead Panzers and the other failed morale (as did Peter). The Panzer Grenadiers put up a stiff fight for the objective, but the surviving Ivan PBI just wouldn't fail morale. Forced into desperate counterattacks to dispute the objective, Peter's company lost too much and failed morale.

Next week:

Thursday as usual.
Friday Juniors night (3/5/5).

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