Thursday, June 02, 2005

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 02/06/05

FOW 2000 pts

A quiet night tonight due to exams, sick cats, tubas, work, snooker & combat fatigue.

Steve's Grenadiers (lots of inf, a/tank & artillery + air, but no armour)
Jim's Russian Inf (the usual crap + 10 T34 (though 5 of them looked a bit like Shermans))

We threw FFA on the Mission Table - Russian veto (wanted to do something different).
Then we threw Cauldron - German veto.
Third try was FFA again so the Russians were stuck with it.

With Germans having mortars, 2 artillery batteries & Heinies, the Russians had no choice but to attack. The 10 T34s lead the charge and stormed over Steve's best painted Grenadiers holding the ridge on the German left (Steve not happy with that one). The Germans counterattacked the tanks with Heinies, artillery, a puschkin & an 88 on the edge of its range. They threw well & killed 6 T34s. The Russians then threw 1 for morale and lost the whole tank company in a turn. That was really game over, but the Russians valiantly went through the motions and Steve got his rocks off slaughtering the rest of them - to score his first ever victory over Ivan.

Where were you Commissar Leigh ? - you missing out on seeing a rare Russian loss.
And Peter ? - you missed out on benefiting from me lucking out for once.

Friday 03/06/05: Juniors night: Dillon's US v. James' Germans.

Next week: I'll be at Fort Floriet on Tuesday. Thursday as usual at Camp Cromwell.

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