Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 29/06/05

Tuesday at Fort Floriet

We did Rivolli 1797 using the revised Camp Cromwell Rules & the scenario from Fields of Glory (modified a bit).

Chris was Buonapart, Nick was D'Alvinzi. We used their 15mm figs using 2 4 fig bases per unit.
While I'm not sure how well the FoG scenario corresponds to the real thing, it's an interesting scenario with reinforcements coming on from different directions.

The pic is about turn 4.

On the right the main Austrian force has advanced in line to pin the French front (from the right - the divisions of Liptay, Koblos & Ocksay). Quasdanovich with foot, horse & guns is advancing in the foreground to attack the French flank. The French main body is moving to try & attack the Austrians to their front before their flank forces arrive. Messena is in the French rear in a column moving to meet Quasdanovich. The Austrians have another Division (Lusignan) to come on near the coffee cup, the French have one (Rey) later again in their rear.

Quasdanovich moved faster than Chris expected and Messina arrived too late to cut him off. The French cavalry & Bruce's inf met the Austrian Cavalry, but Q's infantry advancing around and thru the village crashed into Joubert's flank and rolled him up quicktime. Messina did get into the tail of Q's infantry, but Q had done his job & the main Austrian line resumed their advance and took over the attack. The cavalry fight was a stalemate until Koblos advancing thru the hole made by Q's flank attack hit the French horse in flank and broke them. Lusignan's flank attack past the coffee cup was hit in flank & destroyed by the French reserves (Rey) before it could hurt the small French Inf Div supporting their cav. Finally Liptay broke Rey's Division & the French Army failed Morale with 4 of 6 CGs gone compared with 2 of 5 Austrians. It sounds closer than it was - Chris had a run of luck at the end that prolonged the inevitable.

The revisions seemed to work well - including: rout on Combat Difference of 4+ = loser loses 3CPs, winner 0.

Thursday at Camp Cromwell

Mahrajah: Mark's Fucilieri v. Leigh's Russian Guards

Mark's army had a shirtload of small units. Leigh's had no armour, just a wall of PBI with artillery & AA. Hold the Line scenario. Mark chose to defend. Mark's task was made difficult by a large wood in the centre - which is where Leigh placed his objective. Mark had to butcher the Russians before they got into the wood. He got a few but not enough. Once Leigh got a big infantry platoon in the wood Mark's little infantry units just couldn't stop it.

Coming events

Friday (tomorrow): Mahrajah: Steve J. v. Nick. Also boys night. Early start 6.30 & we'll get da Angelos.

Thursday: The usual at Camp Cromwell.

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