Friday, July 01, 2005

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 01/07/05

A good turnout for a Friday night special: Nick & Alex, Steve, Peter, Leigh, Jim, Mark & Dillon.

Oakford v. Oakford

Junior's US Infantry (with lots of armour) v. Senior's Panzers in a 1500 pts FFA on a small table.
For a while Old Oakie looked good against his 12 YO. He drew the Shermans off to his right flank while the MkIIIs & IVs cleaned up the Honeys and rushed the other objective. There was a furious battle for that objective that drew in all the armour from the other flank & it changed hands several times as Oakfords Senior & Junior traded 6's. But on the other flank Dillon's GIs attacked the Grenadiers in the wood, got lucky, and took the other objective.


Steve's Grenadiers v. Nick's GIs in a FFA.

Both sides seemed to comprise an enormous number of small platoons, especially Nick's - deployment took longer than a big order at da Angelos on Friday evening. This was followed by both sides sitting back and sniping at each other with artillery & airpower - not very exciting for the spectators/umpires. Nick livened things up with his sneaky use of the Tank Destroyer Ambush Rule - dropping them down and double moving onto an uncovered objective. Fortunately for Steve, the Luftwaffe turned up next turn and blew them back off it before they won the game (by holding an objective unopposed at start of own turn). Steve finally made an advance on his right, but when an unfortunate run of bad saves destroyed his Engineers & decimated a Grenadier plat he went back on the defensive. Nick started a counterattack, but when the Hun artillery took out his SP AA and thus his mobile firepower, his attack too petered out. With midnight approaching they agreed to a draw and a rematch.

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