Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Fort Floreat 06/07/05

A quiet night -- only Chris and Nick. (Starn was out sick). We wanted a quick fun game, so back to Flames of War. Chris rolled up some terrain, using a system he just invented (he has a new terrain system each 1/2 hour). But we didnt want to move terrain, so we superimposed the terrain on the geography of the Rivoli battle from last week. I.e., we moved some hills and villages, and added a lot of woods!

Chris wanted to use his new Russians, all based in winter white. I didnt have much other than German armour to oppose them. So instead we got out my Yanks and did a match up (I was imagining it was Patton gone hog wild into the Russians ....)

The first thing I noticed was that the way to stop Russians is with Artillery. And the best artillery in the game is American, with all their special rules. The Russians were melting away like snow in August -- all those American 'time on target' artillery barrages were devestating.

The other thing I noticed was how usefull recon platoons can be. I advanced a small recon platoon after the setup, and as my first move doubled it into a woods on the other side of the table. It spent the whole game sitting in the wood, but threatening to take an objective. Chris either had to move something back to deal with it, or leave troops behind to contest the objective and march on. Eventually he left a matilda (lend leased to the Ruskies) to guard the objective -- but I was able to move to threaten the other objective, so he had to use his AA to protect that one ..... In the mean time the rest of my army concentrated on destroying his army, which they did very effectivly! Stuarts rock!!!!

End result -- a 5-2 to Nick (the stuarts got too close to some SU122's and paid the price...)

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