Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Fort Floreat 12/07/05

Nick and Chris. Starn was working, so no Starn and Coreena.

Another Flames of War -- I need to get my Arabs painted so we can do some ancients :)

1500 pts Free for All on the small table.

Chris had a pioneer platoon, vs US infantry platoon. Chris chose the heavily wooded side of the table to defend. Chris had 88s, a tiger, and priority air support -- a hard nut to crack! The US had mass artillery and mass shermans. The Germans were poorly deployed, but won anyway, as the air support destroyed a sherman platoon, and the tiger went beserk on the other flank, killing an infantry platoon and an artillery battery. The US tried to rush the objective, but with 1/2 their shermans up in smoke from air support, and attempting to assault pioneers, they never really had a chance.

I hate aircaft :)

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