Friday, July 08, 2005

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 08/07/05

FOW - big free for all:
2 x 1500pt Australians (Jim, Mark from Area 52, Leigh)
1500pt DAK & 1500pt Bersaliglieri (Steve J, Barrie, Peter)
Steve P also present.

The centre was a no mans land dominated by 88's and 6pdrs.

The Australians attacked on both flanks.

On their right, Mark & Jim quickly ran out of steam against Barrie's Ities & went on the defensive as Barrie counterattacked.

On the left, Leigh's attack over a big flat topped plateau did well for a while but eventually petered out as the steep escarpments and the DAK whittled his armour away and the Grenadiers mgs did likewise to the PBI.

The Luftwaffe & the RAF both came often, but both achieved little.

The Ities were running out of Semoventes & their M14's were impotent against the Valentines which in turn weren't game to go near the Pak 40s on the objective. On the other flank both sides had destroyed each other's attack capability.

Around midnight a draw was agreed to.


Nick said...

we need some pictures :)

Anonymous said...

In actual fact the africa corp 1st platoon(dug in) held back 3honeys+3valentines+2platoons of infantry.The 223s short75s couldnt really get it togrther in a support roll either they were bogged ,bailed or killed.The glourious german luftwaffe did assist some what,but dug in panzer grenadiers with 18 dice,does have an effect.