Thursday, July 14, 2005

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 14/07/05

Present: Jim, 2 Marks, Peter, Glen, Leigh, Steve J.

1500 pts FFA on small table

New Mark's Death or Glory Boys
Old Steve's DAK

Mark attacked like a beginner, got his tanks picked off by the experienced DAK & failed morale.

Mahrajah on small table

Old Mark's Fucilieri
Peter's US Infantry

Hold the line - Ities defending.

Mark had one of his make-up-for-his-usual-hot-dice nights.

The USAF came all the time. The Regio Aeronautica seldom came & when it did it was shooed off.

His reinforcements mostly didn't show up & the Honeys overan the objective.

A big win puts Peter on top of the Allied table with 2 wins.

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