Thursday, June 23, 2005

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 23/06/05

Saturday: 7 Years war 15mm

We gave the revision of the Musket & Bayonet Rules a progress & reality check. (Chris, Peter, Mark, Steve J, Leigh & Jim present).

Chris's Prussians v. Peter's Austrians.

Chris attacked as Prussians do. The Prussian inf attack was blunted by the Austrian artillery. Peter also used his Cuirassiers to pin down a Prussian infantry brigade which gave his infantry a neumerical advantage which told in the end.

The Prussian cavalry won on both flanks, but on the left was prevented from exploiting by the terrain & on the other flank it arrived behind the infantry after they had beaten off the Prussian foot & they were able to turn & repulse it.

Mostly the modifications met with approval. We found a few points overlooked.
The new unwritten orders and the firing and combat system modifications seemed to work pretty well.

The main issue remains finding satisfactory Command Group & Army Morale Tests, but I think we are getting close.

I'm also concerned that the game takes too many turns. The double line formations have to be ground thru & it's too hard to make a decisive move. I'm thinking of trying rout on minus 4 in Close Combat - it means single line units are skitish, but with a double line the routers will rally behind supports anyway, so it might work.

Sunday: FOW small table training

With a competition looming we thought we should try some games on 6x4 tables.

Jim's KfC Brits v. Steve's Panzers, Brits defending HTL

Steve did pretty well dealing with the 6pdr ambushes, losing nothing & wiping most of them. But that was the end of German joy. A Hurricane through the flack & got a MkIV. The MkII's assault on the mgs was a disaster, they had 2 tanks bailed in defensive fire & another in counter assault, then they failed morale. 3 Shermans took on 5 MkIII*s. The MkIII's got plenty of hits, but just couldn't penetrate & were zapped in return. When the Shermans turned on the last MkIV & popped it, it was game over in quick time.

Peter's US Inf v. Chris' DAK in FFA

Chris's attack on the right was stopped by the USAF and artillery. Peter's attack on his right got to the objective but had lost too much & couldn't hold it. The Germans pulled back their attack to defend the right objective and send troops right across their rear to help hold the other one. They arrived before the next US inf plat, but the artillery got Rommel & eventually the Germans were worn down to below half strength and failed Coy morale.

The FFA battle proved that small table doesn't necessarily mean short battle - this was a long slog as FFAs often are.

For the HTL the small table gave the attacker fewer options, it has to favour the defence. But it was easier to reach the troops.


A good turnup tonight - 2 Steves, Peter, Mark, Barrie, Leigh & Jim.

On a small table Steve P's Russian Inf v. Peter's German Inf in 1500pt FFF training battle.

The Russian right turned into a stalemate either side of a long ridge. The centre was dominated by 2 Pak 40s - Ivan didn't want to go there. The Germans attacked the Russian left with infantry & a 3 shot Tiger. It was defended by infantry, 4 SU122s & 5 T34s. In the end the only survivor on the flank was the Tiger sitting on the objective. Steve has learned a bit about Tiger Terror.

On the big table: Maharajah: Mark's Italian Inf v. Barrie's US Armour in FFF.

Barrie attacked on his right screening off the dreaded 88s with smoke. There was a furious battle for the objective. The Semos killed the Honey plat. The Lees took the objective, the Semos disputed it but were destroyed by the Lees & command Honeys. The Regio Aeronautica then came in waves blasting everything (Italian as well as US) off the objective. Finally a few GIs staggered over the bodies and survived yet another Stuka attack to hold the objective. It seems that the Regio Aeronautica & Mark are a potent mix, but still not quite enough. Barrie 4:3.

Proposed FOW Tournament at Area 52

The Area 52 Shop in Hobart is interested in running a FOW Tournament. There has been discussion about it in their FOW forum at There appears to be a bit of interest, though the forum threads sometimes drop off the rails. More people showing interest will help it happen. It would be interesting to meet more other players.

Next week

Tuesday: I'm taking the Camp Cromwell Nap Rules to Launceston.
Thursday: Mahrajah: Leigh's Russians v. either Mark's Fucilieri or Jim's Carri.

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