Friday, August 12, 2005

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 11/08/05

Steve J's Grenadiers attacked Mark II's Australians in a Big Push

Steve's infantry attacked under cover of 88's, mgs & bulk smoke.
He lost lost 1 platoon, but the other made it through and took the objective.
The Oz Armour arrived too late to stop them.

Jim's Saharana v. Barrie's DRATs

My LRDG are still at undercoat stage (but looking good already). So we used the Saharana for some raiding.
The Itie 700 pt raiding force was 8 Saharana & 4 AB41.
The Brits had 1500 pts: hq, 2x lorried inf, mgs, 2pdr portees, 2x bugs, 2x Crusader IIs & 25pdrs.
The raiding missions often don't last long so we got through 3 of them.

1. The raid

The Sahararana shot up 4 objectives then ran for home.
Barrie threw lousy reinforcement dice. His 25 pdrs turned up in the right place in front of the Itie's escape route but the rest were either in the wrong place ot not at all.
The Ities charged the unsupported guns & mowed them down (the 8 trucks tote 16 mgs, 2 20mm AA, & 2 47s between them, and then there were 4 AB41s as well).
A Brat inf platoon arrived in the right place at the last moment, but it was too little too late & the Ities blasted a gap & escaped through it.

2. Get the general

The Ities shot the General in the first turn. Too easy.

3. Convoy

The Ities shot up the convoy & their supporting portees in 2 turns.
Barrie failed to get any reserves before they made their escape.

The Random Reserve rules makes these Raid scenarios very luck dependant. Barrie's lousy luck made all the games tonight easy wins for the Ities and not as exciting as they should be.

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Anonymous said...

really it should have been the german infantry holding the line but the australians decided to have a go at it.