Friday, August 19, 2005

german grenadiers v US mechanized 3000pts

Today the battle worn elements of the 221st grenadier battalion withheld an attack by superior US mechanised infantry. It was reported that Wild Bill Kelso, a rouge pilot rather bombed his own troops, than face the famous german 88s. That was the last ever seen of the US air force (most likely he was arrested or shot by his own troops)

The big push mission was elected, germans defending. The terrain bennefited the defender and with a defence of 2 rows of wire and then a mine field it would take some good dice and alot of praying for the americans to get through. German artillery became devestating if caught in the open. The luftwaffe ruled the sky, but had limited success againstany real targets due to AA fire.

The whole US attack began to falter after reaching the third defensive line, which gave the germans time to bring in most of their reinforcments. By this time the only thing the 2 tigers had killed was an american bulldozer. Game over. No US player wanted to tempt the 88s with any juicy targets so they could spot them for their artillery and rerole their misses.

Rumour has it that it was Oakies bad dice

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