Friday, September 09, 2005

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 08/09/05

Nick called in for a short while. Jim played v. Marusz & Barrie v. Steve.

Jim's Fucilieri v. Marusz's British (Free Polish) Armour in a Free for All

A 6x4 table with a fair bit of terrain.

The Brat Shermans advanced on their left. The Honeys on the right moved accross the rear to support the attack. 17pdrs defended the rhs objective, infantry defended the lhs one.

The Ities had enough Fucilieri to cover the whole front with mortars, artillery (75s + 105s) & AA (Lancias & 20mm portee) in support.

The Brats had sporadic air. It came 1st turn with 3 planes, but the AA drove them off.

The armour attack had the Ities very worried. It took out the 105s with the loss of 2 Shermans and then destroyed the infantry in front of the objective. This left just the command and the AA to deal with 6 Shermans.

The Itie response was to attack on the other flank. This caused the Honeys to be recalled. They stopped the attack, but it had acheived the required result in drawing the Honeys away from the decisive front.

The Lancias then proceeded to win the battle for Italy. 4 Shermans gained the objective only to be blown off it by the Lancias. The RAF came again (another 3) and were again driven off by AA. The last 2 Shermans took advantage of the fact that the AA couldn't fire next turn to make a rush at the Lancias. They got only one & the survivor blew them away - game over.

An exciting and close game. It was my first go with the 105s & Lancias. I love them already.

Barrie's Brat Motorised defending v. Steve's DAK in a Hold the Line

A 6x4 open desert table.

Despite the RAFs pathetic performance and some heavy early losses, Barrie managed to Hold the Line.


Great trip. Would someone please paint some Japs so I can drive them back onto the sea again.

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