Saturday, September 24, 2005

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 22/09/05

A good turnout with Jim, Mark I, Mark II, Steve I, Steve II, Muriusz, Peter Williams & Anders Russell.

Muriusz's Poles (Brat Armour) v. Jim's Italians in a Cauldron.

On a fairly open desert table, Jim's Bersaglieri defended. The Bersaglieri were swamped by the Polish armour before the heavy cavalry could arrive.
That was over so fast we did it again. This time Jim took a Carri Coy and attacked.
Again it was all over in the first turn as the Lancier 90's & Semo 75s plus a rush of M14's took out most of the Polish armour on the first turn.
The cauldron scenario really is very difficult to defend against armour unless you have close terrain & lots of a/tank.

Anders' Fallschirmjager v. Steve's US Motorised in a Free for All

Steve's experience was too much for Anders. I'm sure the lack of paint on Ander's troops didn't help either.

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PanzerIII said...

Ye unpainted troops are conscripts