Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Camp Cromwell 16/10/07

Isdonisgrad Campaign Battle in Hex I6 continued:

German Grenadiers & Panzer Grenadiers (Jim, SteveJ & Byron)
Russian Strelkovy & Tankovy (Nick, MarkO, SteveP & Dillon)

SteveJ's 38ts stormed forward on the German left with Grenadiers in support.
Nick's KVs slowly advanced on the Russian left skirting the 88's zone of death. The rest of his tanks slowly moved to the right over the rough ground.
Meanwhile, the artillery, rockets, airforces & mortars pounded away at each other.
The 38ts were hit hard by Sturmovics, but they still destroyed most of a Strelkovy Plat, the few remainders stepping off the table to escape.
A Panzer platoon came on on the Germans left as the vanguard of a Panzer Coy arriving as reinforcement, but next turn a Gods of War Battery turned up on the German right flank as the advance guard of a Strelkovt Coy.
The Germans decided the risk of catastrophe was too great, conceded the battle and instigated the Campaign Retreat Rule. As they retreated the artillery & Sturmovics picked off a Pak 40 & an 88 while the Luftwaffe took out some the newly arrived Gods of War.

German casualties:
2 38t
1 Pak 40
1 88
3 neblewerfers (cmmd & obs survived)
3 Grenadiers
1 Panzer Grenadier

Russian casualties:
2 Guns from the Mysinka force
3 Guns from Mark's force
13 Inf & 1 HMG from one Strelk Plat (Mark's)
1 Kat & 1 loader team (Nick's)
1 Heavy Mortar (Nick's)

Some of the Germans (SteveJ) wanted to fight on, but General Gandini is never happy to be outgunned & was pretty happy to conceed defeat while avoiding serious loss.
Casualties in the Campaign after two battles (one minor victory each) are pretty even. A decisive battle is yet to come. Maybe Isdonisgrad next week will be different.

Except from Gandini papers:

8 Sept 1942

Herr Hitler,

This morning’s action at Ivansixski went perfectly to plan. The 2nd Grenadiers and Panzergrenadiers drew the main part of the Bolshevik horde into battle then executed a skilfull withdrawal. Our losses are slight while the Ivans have lost many guns and most of a Strelkovy Platoon.

With the main part of the Bolshevik army pinned down at Ivansixski, Isdonisgrad is ripe for the plucking. As I write our brave Fucilieri and Grenadiers are preparing to attack.

Your humble servant,


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