Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fascists Routed!!!!!!!!

The Proletariat Defence Council is pleased to announce a glorious victory over the Hitlerites near Isdonisgrad.

A concerted attack by massed fascist forces was mounted on brave defenders of the motherland. Many heroes were gunned down by fascist heavy tanks as they tried to stem the tide of evil. But their sacrifice was not in vain -- they slowed down the forces of evil. Meanwhile, the heroic defenders of Myskina rushed to the battlefield. Their arrival totally diconcerted the evil fascists. When they saw the peoples militia, manned by the mothers and workers of the glorious socialist republics, the fascists realised that they could not defeat the Russian spirit, and started to withdraw. The withdrawal turned into a rout, with Russian light tanks pursuing the fascists and gunning them down as they fled -- a just retribution for the evil they had inflicted.

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Anonymous said...

delusions of grandeur strike the ruskis