Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Camp Cromwell 11/03/08

Gaugamela 331 BC

Barrie & Byron's Persians
Mark & Richard's Macedonians

The Persians sent their Chariots & Elephants forward in the centre with the Infantry following at a safe distance behind & Cavalry on each flank. The Macedonians were happy to hold back & receive the attack on their centre while pushing forward Cavalry on their right.

The Chariots on the left were held by the Phalanx then hit in flank and destroyed by the Hypaspists. The Chariots on the right were beaten off by the Peltasts. In between the Elephants were beaten by the Hoplites, but then stampeded forwards & took the Hoplites with them.

On the Persian right, their light horse supported by bowmen defeated the Macedonian light horse.
On the Persian left, their Cavalry could only delay the Macedonian Cavalry and was eventually beaten.

The second Persian line found the Macedonian line largely uneffected by the first wave and it too gradually melted away. The Persians failed Army morale before their right wing could swing around the flank and help out.

The rules worked pretty well. There is a problem for crap armies in that good troops so often win with no casualties it is very hard to overcome quality with quantity.
Maybe that is as it should be and only the points system needs tweeking.
Maybe we need to make units become more fatiqued and less effective after victory so even if they do win without casualties they lose some effectiveness.
Maybe we just need someone to figure out how to use crap armies better.

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