Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Isdonisgrad II continued

The T34s attack on the Axis left had outrun its support and halted to let the GODs do the work for them. This they did very well making an awful mess of the Itie artillery while saving themselves whenever the Axis hit back. On the Axis right the MkIVs & KVs slugged it out with occasional support from each side's artillery. For a long time nothing much happened as the KVs failed to hit and the MkIVs failed to penetrate but in the last two turns the artillery & tanks of boths sides finally did some damage - 3 KVs died to just 2 MkIVs. The butchers bill favoured the Russians but the Axis could take some comfort in taking out a few of the dreaded KVs. The result keeps the campaign very much in the balance.
The pic is of the Russian left near the end of the day showing the Panzers getting around the KVs right.

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