Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2nd Battle of Isdonsgrad

Isdonisgrad II

Nick & SteveP's Guard Tankovy
Jim & SteveJ's Fucilieri & Grenadiers defending Isdonisgrad

The Russians deployed the dreaded KVs on their left, the T34s on the right, the T70s in the centre right with Heavy Mortars, Mortars & Rockets supporting them from the rear.
The Axis deployed behind the river with the Italians on the left, Germans on the right and all the artillery in right rear.

The Russians advanced with their armour on both flanks. The KVs engaged in a pretty ineffective duel with the Axis artillery while the KVs & T70 mowed down the unfortunate Fucilieri before they could dig in. The first reinforcements to arrive were a Strelkovy Coy of a Milita Battalion on the Italian left flank. These finished off the remains of the Italian front line, but hesitated to advance in front of the German HMGs and they held back waitng for the T34s to clear the way.

More reinforcements soon arrived in the form of another Russian Militia behind their right flank and a Panzer Coy on the Axis right. 11 Panzer IVs (only 5 longs) put some pressure on the KVs with the support of plenty of smoke. The KVs fell back rather then risk being outflanked but the duel across the creek line was remarkably ineffective - the Russians couldn't hit & the Germans couldn't penetrate.

The Russians brought on and set up 2 Gods of War batteries. The T70s and some of the reinforcements rushed to their centre rear to protect the LOC from the Panzers. The T34s continued to advance over the Italian left flank. They also took out the German HMGs though the HQ's Panzerknackers took one with them.

The air forces as usual have scared the hell of the enemy periodically, but have actually acheived little.

We called a halt until next week at the end of turn 7. With 5 turns until nightfall, a decisive result looks unlikely, but the butcher's bill could be significant in the context of the campaign.
The 1st pic shows the Russians gloating shamelessly over their success on their right flank.
The 2nd shows the Panzers arriving & the KVs backpeddling under Axis smoke.

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