Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Isdonisgrad Campaign Turn 6

Battle at I4

The Russian Guards (Nick + SteveP) made a pinning attack on the 2nd Grenadiers (Jim & SteveJ) in I4.
The battle fizzled out as the Russians didn't have the guts to attack & the Germans were waiting for their Panzergrenadiers to arrive before counterattacking. There was a bit of an artillery duel that cost the Russians 1 heavy mortar & an Infantry & the Russians retired before the Panzers arrived.

After the battle we discussed the campaign rules re these minor battles and decided it would be better to change the rules so we didn't have to fight them. Pinning actions are an important part of the system as they mitigate against stacks on the middle, but they just aren't interesting enough to be worth the trouble of setting them up. We also discussed the option of coming up with rules to make these actions more interesting, but we were unable to come up with any good ideas.

There is a second pinning action in F5 where the Motostrelkovy are pinning the 2nd Panzer. It was agreed not to bother fighting it.

Second Battle of Isdonigrad

We deployed the troops for the Isdonisgrad II ready to start turn 1 next week.

The Fucilieri & Grenadiers are deployed behind the river. As the Axis only moved into the hex last turn, they are not dug in & it is an Encounter Battle. The Tankovy Battalion is lined up ready to attack. 2 Russian Militia Battalions are off table on the Axis left flank as Delayed Reserves. The 1st Panzer is off table on the Axis right flank as Delayed Reserves.
The pic is taken from behind the Russian left.

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