Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Isdonisgrad Campaign

Turn 5 (Axis move):

The Axis again attacked Isdonisgrad with the Panzer grenadiers making a pinning attack on J5 to prevent the Tankovy & Guards moving to support the garrison. (Battle fought last week).

The Russians had 2 Militia & a Motostrelkovy to defend Isdonisgrad against Fucilieri & Grenadiers. But all the Russian Battalions were battle scared and they expected 2 Panzer Coys to come on in support. So the Russians funked it and fell back.

The Italians marched into Isdonisgrad unopposed.

Turn 6 (Russian move):

The Russians are now counterattacking.
The Tankovy is attacking Isdonisgrad from the south, with the Militias ready to support them.
The Guards are attacking on their left flank, the Motostrelkovy on their right.
We have 3 battles to fight.
I4: Guards v. Grenadiers
Isdonisgrad: Tankovy v. Fucilieri + Grenadiers
F5: Motostrelkovy v. Panzers

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