Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Camp Cromwell 08/02/08

Jim's 7th armoured v. James' Panzers in LW 1500 pts FFA

The Brits had 3 Tank squadrons, mech Inf + HQ of 2 Croms, 2 CS & 2 AA
The Germans had 2 PzIV HQ, 4 PzIV, 5 Stug, 2 Tiger
The Germans advanced in the centre with Stugs & Tigers. The HQ covered the left objective, the PzIV covered the right objective.
The Brits deployed Inf & HQ on the right objective & all 3 Tank squadrons on their left.
The Brits dug in on their right objective while the HQ that survived the Tiger's first turns fire hid behind a village. On the other flank 12 tanks charged forward.
The Brits took out the MkIVs on the objective & the Germans halted their advance and turned the Stugs & Tigers back to protect the objective. Cromwell Platoon A took the objective and sat there amoung the burning MkIVs as the Stugs rushed up to dispute. Cromwell Platoon C was already destroyed, but Platoon B got behind the Stugs & did some damage before they got 88s up their clackers. Platoon A got another hit on the Stugs & they failed morale leaving the Brits with the objective. The Germans passed Coy Morale & the Tigers had one chance to drive the Croms off. They had 4 long range shots at vets concealed in the smoke of burning tanks - needed 6's to hit. They got 1, but then failed firepower on Johny Wilkinson's Firefly. The platoon remained 1 dead, two bailed, 1 ok - no test & a close game over.

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