Friday, February 22, 2008

Gaming Garage 21/2/2008

Battle of Dara, Justinian Romans vs Sassanids, 530 AD

Scenario from 'Beyond the Golden Gate', a period book for Warhammer Ancient Battles.

Nick roped Craig in to play this scenario. Nick then 'generously' made Craig play Belisarius -- outnumbered but behind a ditch, and with a surprise flank attack.

Historical information on the battle is at

On the table, the Sassanids attacked. The Sassanid levy in the center had immense luck, and mowed down Roman levy with archery fire. The Roman levy eventually charged, only to continue to have bad luck with the dice and rout. On the Roman right the Persian elites charged, only to get bad dice and almost lose to some average Roman cavalry. But on the left the Sassanids saw off the Roman cavalry, and managed to rally and turn in time to see off the flank attack. With one Roman flank gone and their center routed the Romans conceded a victory to the Sassanids.

However, after the battle Nick realised that he had cheated his way to victory, giving his leaders abilities they werent entitled too. His generals had an extra attack dice they shouldnt have had. This could have been critical in some of the close combats.

Attached pic is Nick and Craig checking the rules. Battle is in the foreground. A Battle of the Bulge table is in the background.


Anonymous said...

some new form of house rule?
extra dice

Anonymous said...

mistakes happen,misinterpretations of rules are easily made