Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Eylau 1807

Eylau was set up & played solo as an exercise to refine the rules for the 6mm Napoleonic figs (for which enough figs have been repaired & rebased). This scenario was fought without special weather rules as a what-if.
Davout's attack on the Russian left was properly supported by Murat while Augerau pinned down the Russians frontally. While Augerau's attack was beaten off by the Russian batteries as in the real thing, by the time they had done so Davout & part of Murat's cavalry was in their rear, while the rest of Murat's cavalry was on the flank of the line with massed batteries in support.
The exercise demontrated that if the weather had not made it impossible for Napoleon to coordinate his forces he had the Russians on toast.
The pic (taken from Davout's flank) shows the situation after we had played another French turn as a rules training exercise though the Russians clearly should have pulled out before this.

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