Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nick's Garage 27/02/09

Warhammer Ancients: Nick's Franks v. Cameron's Byzantines

Cameron refused his centre & attacked both flanks of the Frank line with cavalry as it advanced. His flank attacks defeated Nick's flank guards, but did not stop the charge in the centre which smashed the Byzantine line to gain victory.

FOW: Rich & Tom's Canadians v. Tony's 21st Panzer in 1500 pt FFA

Tony guarded his LH objective among the hedges with SS Panzergrenadiers & deployed his armour (8 mkIVs & 1 Tiger) in a long line centre & right. Neblewerfers & SPAA were in support behind.
The Canadians put infantry on both objectives, 6pdrs in the centre, armour, bugs, wasps & Priests on the right & M10s in reserve in the centre.

The Canadians advanced with their armour on the right & defended the rest of their line.
The Germans dug in on the LH objective and advanced their armour.

The MkIVs in the centre took out the wasps but then got destroyed by the Shermans & 6pdrs. The Shermans & bugs continued on through the hedges to attack the objective covered by the SS. On the other flank the MKIVs & Tiger destroyed most of the 6pdrs then engaged the M10s. The MkIVs gradually melted away, but they took all but one of the M10s with them while an air attack got past the AA to get the Tiger.

On the other flank the Shermans attacked the SS. The SS fell back from the first attack, but the hedges took their toll in bogged tanks. A counter attack through smmoke destroyed the Shermans & the bugs.

Both sides now had beaten off attacks & had no objectives under threat, but had heavy casualties. The Germans had also lost their commander & all their tanks. The surviving Canadian armour, 1M10 advanced on the undefended objective in the centre. The SS moved over to contest, but the M10 got there first & when the SS failed tank terror held it to win the battle.

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