Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Camp Cromwell 03/03/09

Jim & Rich's Strelkovy v. Steve & Barrie's Grenadiers
Late War Free For All on 8x6 table 2000 pts

The Germans had 2 Inf with HMG, 1 Eng's, Pak 40's, 2x2 88's, SP Art, SPAA + Stugs. They deployed defensively & dug in with Infantry on each objective.
The Russians had 3 x 2 coy Strelk, HMGs, A/Tank, Hvy Mortars, Art & 3 JS2. They deployed the HMGs, A/tank & mortars to defend the objective in the centre, Strelk + JS's on the right, Art & 2 Strelk on the left. They immediately advanced on both flanks.

The Russian attack on the right came to a sticky end when the Art support got pinned & their target unpinned at the wrong time.
On their right the Strelk dug in in a cornfield short of their objective while their supporting JS's got destroyed by the Luftwaffe.
The Russians called off their attack on their left, withdrawing their surviving Strelk to defend their own objective near their guns.
The Germans patiently picked away at the Russian artillery with artillery & Luftwaffe while they slowly concentrated their strength on the right.
But when the Stugs moved over to their right, the Strelk in the cornfield suddenly rushed forward to the attack. They drove the German Infantry back, but were then pinned by artillery. Bad unpinning dice followed by lousy combat dice saw them lose their chance & the Germans just managed to hang on to the objective.

It was 11 by then & time to knock off. The Russian attacks had failed, but the Germans were still not threatening any objectives themselves. Given the Russian's greater losses the Germans would probably eventually prevail, but it would take a long time to prove it.

The pic is taken soon after the start - Ivans on the right.

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