Sunday, March 29, 2009

At Nick's Friday 27/03/09

Jim's 7th Armour v. Tony's Panzer Grenadiers in 1500 pts HTL (Brits attacking).

Tony deployed infantry & artillery with Pak 38's in ambush with more infantry, Stugs & Marders in reserve. The terrain favoured the defence with lots of hedged fields, but Tony erred in putting his infantry in the centre in front of the rear objective rather than right on the forward objective & relying on the ambush & HQ to defend the forward objective.
The Brits advanced with a wall of armour followed up with infantry. The ambush of Pak 38's did little to stop the swarm & they were quickly over-run. The Brits took the forward objective on turn 3.
The Germans were fortunate with their reserves and got both their armour platoons on turn 2, but they had to rush them forward to dispute the objective - halving their fire as they had to keep moving. The Brit's main problem was finding lines of sight past their own tanks in the crowded area between the hedges & while the Stugs made a brave fight of it, they were so outnumbered they couldn't last. The German infantry was mown down as it advanced & the Germans failed morale at the same time as the Brits gained undisputed control of the objective.

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