Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Camp Cromwell Championship Final 2008

Maharajah Trophy 2008 Grand Final

The 2008 Final was somewhat delayed by hols, etc, but was finally fought on 10/03/09.
Jim's 7th Armour v. James' Grenadiers.
Encounter battle 2000 pts on 8x6 table.
Mission, terrain set up & umpiring by Nick.

James list from Fortress Europe

Hq + pf + pf 60
inf + pf 165
inf + pf 165
inf + pf 165
4 tiger 860
3 Marder IIIH 205
105's 2103
Pak 40's 170
2000 pts

Jim's 7th Armoured list from VB
HQ: 2 Cromwells + 2 AA + 1 ARVE 260
3 Cromwell + 1 Firefly 325
3 Cromwell + 1 Firefly 325
3 Cromwell + 1 Firefly 325
3 Stuart 135
SP Field Battery 8 Sextons, etc 355
Rifles 135
Engineers/Rifles 135
1995 pts

The Poms won the roll to determine the Attacker & chose to attack from the north side. The Poms put their 2 Rifles on the objectives & the Sextons on the right flank. The Germans put Grenadiers on the centre objective, artillery on their right & their Tigers in the killing ground in the centre.

The Brits tried a dash down their right flank with the Sextons & a Tank platoon, but the Pak 40s, Marders & a Grenadier platoon arrived at the right place and time to meet them. The Germans also supported the flank with artillery & the Tigers taking long shots from the centre while the Brits sent their Honeys over to help out. The Germans lost the Paks & the Infantry, but the Marders (shuffled to perfection) lead a charmed life & in the end were the only survivors of the bloodbath.

The main British force lurked behind the woods in their centre waiting for an opportunity to pounce on any German mistakes. But the Germans just didn't make any. The Tigers occupied their killing ground in the empty centre turning this way & that to counter every British move. They helped out against the flank attack on their left, they turned right to prevent a British thrust down the other flank, then returned to help the left again and all the while they steadly crept forward towards the objective. The Brits could find no better strategy than to have their Fireflies taking long range potshots from cover with semi indirect fire, but the Tiger's tough hides saved them & the with the odd 6 they picked off the Fireflys.

When the British rifles on the objective were dropped below 1/2 by Tiger potshots & the Marders popped the Honeys, the Brits failed Coy morale.

The Brits regretted not taking either Air or M10's - they just lacked firepower against the Tigers. Their flank attack was skillfully countered and they just could not find a way to win. The critical issue was that James used his Tigers with skill & patience to exploit his main weapon & the terrain to the maximum. It was some small consolation for the Brit commander to know that he had taught his enemy every dirty sneaky lowdown trick that was leading inexorbly to his own doom.

James' path to the Maharajah Trophy for 2008:

1. Rich's Canadians (Cauldron, James attacking).
2. Nick's US Armour (FFA).
3. Mark's US Infantry (FFA).
4. Jim's 7th Armour (Encounter).
Just turned 15, James fought his way to be the youngest ever Maharajah Champion (by a good margin) with 4 consecutive victories over some pretty mean opposition.


1. The Tigers move off.
2. The British flank attack is in the foreground. Tigers prowl in the centre & Cromwells cower behnd the woods.
3. The umpire presents the trophy to a very happy winner.
4. The loser congratulates his victorious apprentice in front of Cromwell himself.

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