Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Camp Cromwell 31/03/09

English Civil War - Camp Cromwell Rules

King (SteveJ):
Pike & shot; Protected Confident Trained 1/2 musket, CR 6 - 24 stands
Pike (raw recruits): Protected Reluctant Conscripts, CR 4 - 8 stands
Cavalier: Armoured Fearless Veteran Warrior, Pistol, CR 8 - 6 stands
Cavalier: Protected Confident Veteran Warrior, CR 6 - 16 stands
Artillery: 2 guns
Command: 1 general, 3 dice

Parliament (Barrie):
Pike & shot; Armoured Confident Trained 2/3 musket, CR 7 - 18 stands
Musketeer: Protected Light Infantry Confident Trained, CR 3 - 3 stands
Dragoon: Protected Mounted Light Infantry, Confident Trained, CR 3 - 3 stands
Cavaly: Armoured Confident Trained, Pistol, CR 6 - 24 stands
Artillery: 4 guns
Command: 1 general, 3 dice

Barrie advanced most of his cavalry on his left, holding back the rest of the line - artillery in front of a wood left of centre with musketeers in support with artillery in front of the wood, P&S right of them, 1 cavalry unit then dragoons on a hill on the right. Steve advanced with his Medium cavalry on his right to meet Barrie's advance, then followed up with a general advance. Steve got the best of the cavalry fight on his right with a bit of help from some infantry. He lost 1 unit while routing 4. On the other flank the Royalists also won - the Heavy cavaliers riding down the dragoons & cavalry.

At this stage it looked pretty hopeless for Parliament, their cavalry was all but destroyed & a distressing amount of rallying was going on amongst the victorious cavaliers. But the Parliament foot finally stirred into action, counterattacked the foot to their front & quickly routed them while a cavalier charge on the musketeers in the wood was repulsed. The Royalist recruits drove the Parliament gunners away, but with close to high casualties they then dove into the wood to hide from serious opposition. Suddenly both sides were close to army morale failure - next loss would loss the battle.

Returning cavaliers aiming to charge rallying foot in rear were intercepted by Barrie's reserve foot. These slugged it out indecisively while both sides tried to reinforce. Barrie failed to activate orders for rallied infantry to join in while more rallied cavaliers came up. They made a decisive difference to win the combat and with it the battle.

The pic is taken from behind the Parliament's right. The parliament infantry's counterattack is underway.

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