Friday, December 29, 2017

Bolt Action Tank War 2200 pts

Both sides had about 2,200 pts in forces not quite compliant with the rule book.
Chris' Soviets had 4 reg T34/85s, 4 reg Shermans, 1 inexp ISU-122, 1 inexp inf, 1 guard inf & 2 trucks.  (On the left in the pics).
Mark & Jim's Germans had 3 reg Panthers, 3 reg Hetzers, 2 vet Panzergrenadier squads, 1 vet panzerschreck team & 2 trucks.
There are 6 objectives on the 10'x6' table. Deployment was by drawing command dice & placing units within 18" of own baseline without firing in a turn #0.
The Germans rushed Panzergrens forward to grab the central crossroads while pinning the Guards down in their truck.  The Soviets rushed the bridge with their other infantry unit.  Meanwhile the tanks exchanged ineffective long range fire.
While tank casualties steadily mounted on both sides the infantry worked for objectives.  The 2nd Panzergren squad walked & ran over to the creek, then towards the bridge.  The other Panzergrens hunkered down on the road junction under tank hull mg fire as the Soviet Guards moved up to attack them.
The game remained in the balance for most for the game with 3 objectives secured for each & casualties close to even.   But finally on turn 7 the Panzergrens took the bridge & the attack of the Guards near the road junction was repulsed - putting the Germans in front in both objectives & casualties.  The dice gave us a turn 8 which only increased the German margin.

Tank Wars can be subject to wild swings of luck because every shot at a tank can make a big difference.  But this also makes for an exciting game.  For Tank War we like larger battles like this one to provide more scope for luck to even out, & the larger table provides more scope to gain tactical advantage.  This German list had 11 dice & the Soviets 13, so very manageable & the game took less than 2 1/2 hours. 

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