Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sunday afternoon at Good Games

There were 3 tables going.  I gave Renfrey a BA lesson on one, father & son played BA 15mm on another & young Jim played first John, then Sean CoC.

I lent Renfrey my veteran Brits & fought with my Italians in an Envelopment scenario.  I chose to minimise the risk of the Preliminary Bombardment by only deploying half my force at the start thinking that the terrain gave me plenty of cover to bring on reserves on the left.The plan worked on the right where the troops on the ridge easily held off the Brits.
Renfrey sent 2 infantry, PIAT & his Crusader AA down his right flank.  The Italian plan fell apart when the AB41 missed it's chance at the Crusader, the British Artillery Barrage pinned down all the infantry in the rocky patch & the M14 didn't show up at all (failing 6 command tests).

Renfrey got 6 VPs for getting infantry & his tank off the Italian table edge & 3 for kills totalling 9 for a clear victory with the Ities only managing 6 pts for 3 kills. 

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