Saturday, February 17, 2018

Musket Action: French & Indian Wars

Chris & I were supposed to be heading off a kayaking trip to Port Davey today but the skipper of the fishing boat taking the party down there decided it was too rough to round the capes tomorrow & postponed the start for a day.  So of course we had  a wargame instead - fighting Musket Action - our variant of Bolt Action for the Musket era.  We used the same forces as Chris & Steve used last Sunday.  Chris took the French this time.
The Brits on the far side have Inexp Continental Regulars in the orchard on their right, their gun & cavalry in the centre, Regular British infantry left centre & Indians in the woods on their left.   The French Have Indians on theor left, gun & cavalry in the centre, Regular infantry on their right & Canadian militia on their right.
The Brits make a general advance while  moving their cavalry to their right flank.
In the main event, the firefight between the regular battalions the Brits, supported by a Contintal coy on their right are getting the upper hand.  The Brit's Indians are also doing well against the Militia in the woods.
The British cavalry have come out to play.  The French counter-charged them but were driven back. The French have got one win on the their right - breaking the Brit grenadier coy, but they have lost a lot of men in the orchard. 
A second charge by the British cavalry has finished off the French Hussars.  The French line is breaking as the Continentals close in on their flank.  With French now well below half strength & the Brits losses just 1 grenadier coy & 1 Indian warband, the French conceded. 

This was just out 3rd game with these rules & they are still evolving in the light of experience, but already they are very easy to play & good fun.  The game rips along - it took just 1 1/2 hours to do 6 turns & reach a decisive conclusion. 

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