Sunday, March 04, 2018

Musket Action at Good Games

Chris & I fought another French & Indian War Musket Action at Good Games this afternoon.  (Musket Action being our house rule variant of Bolt Action for the musket era).  The scenario was the BA Hold Until Relieved.  The British are defending the bridge with the French attacking from the far side.
The Brits started with infantry in the houses.  The French started with their Indians & Canadian Militia on the table & have now brought on their French Regulars.  The Brit have more regular infantry coming on in the centre with Indians & Colonials on their left & cavalry & Colonials on their right. 
All the troops are on the table now. Indians skirmishing on the left.  The French line advancing with Canadians providing fire support. 
The French Grenadiers took the far house, but they were decimated by close range artillery & musket fire & it has been retaken by the Brits.  The Brits have won the Indian fight on the left.  The French have driven off the British cavalry and are wrapping around the British right.
Both sides have had heavy losses, but after 7 turns the Brits still hold the two houses (& thus the objective bridge) & the French have no prospect of getting them out.

The battle took about 2 hours - similar to straight BA.  The rules continue to evolve as we play test them but they already work fine at providing an interesting, fast moving & good looking game.

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