Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday Bolt Action at Good Games

Not a lot of action there today.  Steve wanted to try our his Australians so I took them on with my Ities in a Meeting Engagement to get myself back up to speed with BA rules for the upcoming comp.
The Italians are on this side of the table. 
Things starting going bad for the Italians when the Honey won the tank fight with the A14.  They came back as the Paraducitci stormed thru the village.  But the Oz flame thrower took it back & the Italians didn't have the firepower left to come back from there.
The Oz were well in front at the end of turn 6.  There was a turn 7 & the Itie's nothing-to-lose counterattacks got in some wins, but not enough to even save a draw.

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