Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sunday Musket Action at Good Games

No Bolt Action at Good Games this afternoon but Chris & Jim did some Musket Action.
We fought the Bolt Action Sectors scenario with the same 1,350 pts armies as last time.  The dice gave Chris the French starting in the near table quater & Jim the Brits in the far table quarter. The French deployed their Indians on the left, Caadian Militia in the cntre & French Regs behind.
The Brits put their Regulars on the left, their Colonials on their right with Indians in front & cavalry in reserve.
In this scenario VPs are gained both by destroying enemy units (1 each) & by getting units into the neutral quarters (1 each) or enemy quarter (3 each).  So both sides attacked.
The Grenadiers of each side faced off in the wood.
It was soon apparent that the Brits had a better strategy than the French. 
On the left of pics the Indians neutralised each other, but the Colonials got into the in support before the French & got the upper hand through weight of numbers.
In the centre the Canadian Militia were shot up by British regular volleys.
On the right, the 1st British Cavalry troops destroyed the French Hussars then rode over the guns.  They were then broken by the French infantry about facing & shotting well, but the 2nd British cavalry is heading into the 3VP zone unopposed.  
By the end of turn 6, the Brits were way ahead on VPs.  One French inf coy had stormed thru the village into the 3VP zone, but that was negated by the Brit cavalry & the Brits also had many more units in the 1 VP zone as well as lower losses.  The dice gave us a turn 7 & we played it because we had plenty of time, but it was really all over.

Playing straight Bolt Action last week I noticed that Musket Action is much easier to play than straight BA because there are fewer unit types & most of the complicated bits just don't happen in the Musket era. 

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