Saturday, March 31, 2018

Good Friday Musket Action: French & Indian Wars

Chris's French v. Marks's Brits
The forces are both 1350 pts & 15 units. 
BA Envelopment Scenario with some tweaks for large table.
The Brits are the attackers on the near side with Regular infantry on the their left, Colonial infantry in the centre,  Indians on their right & cavalry in reserve.
The French are defending with Canadian Militia on their right, Indians on their left & brought on regular infantry from reserve in the centre.  The cavalry from reserve was delayed but later came on their far left.
On the left British grenadiers have broken the Canadian line.  On the right the Indians of each side have had mixed fortunes. 
The British regulars have taken the farmyard.  One British cavalry unit charged the French line - it broke a front line coy, but their follow up charge on the 2nd line failed.  The other Brit cavalry was sent to the right to deal with the French hussars.
The battle ended as decisive British victory collecting VPs not only from getting units into the French deployment zone, but also destroying a lot more units than they lost.  The French erred in putting their best infantry in reserve.  The Canadians were no match for the Brit Regulars & the French regulars took too long to get into the action.  It was all over in about 2 hours so time for a couple of schooners at Knoppies.

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